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Diploma Full Scholarship

Location City:Xuzhou  (Province:Jiangsu)

Intake: October

Degree: Diploma

Majors: 1. Computer Applied Technology 2. Construction Engineering Technology 3. Accounting 4. International Trade 5. Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance Technology 6. Rubber Engineering Technology.

Teaching language: 1+2 Chinese 
Study Duration: 3 years
Application deadline:  30th September

Tuition: Free
Dorm: Free

(Scholarship details For Southeast Asia students , free tuition fee + free accommodation ; For Eastern Europe students, deposit: 2000 tuition fee+1000 accommodation fee, return to students a year later.

Requirements:  1.Passport 2. Photo 3. High school graduates or equivalent education3.Transcript4.Health certificate5.No criminal record 6. Bank statement about RMB 10,000.
(Country limit Applicants from Southeast Asia such as Bangladesh, Laos, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Eastern European countries such as Ukraine, Belarus, Russia,Sri Lanka can be recruited and Mongolia girls and girls from Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyz Respublikasy, Tajikistan can apply for the scholarship)

Age limit: 18-22
Other School Fees
Registration fee: None


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